BAD BOYS Exterior Cleaning Set x

Exterior Cleaning Set are the perfect way to clean and protect your car exterior. 


Perfect gift!

The set contains:

-Shampoo Orangeada 500ml

Concentrated product for regular washing of vehicles with a fantastic orangeade fragrance. Very efficient, neutral pH. The high foaming formula guarantees high dirt removal efficiency. Leaves no traces. Safe for wax and ceramic coatings.

-Neutral Snow Foam 500ml

Concentrated product for safe car pre-wash. Active foam dissolves and separates dirt from the surface to be cleaned, making it easier to clean properly afterwards. Safe for waxes and ceramic coatings. Product with a pleasant cola fragrance.

-Iron Remover 500ml

Dedicated to removing ferrous contaminants from paint and glass surfaces. Thanks to its special wetting agents, Iron Remover effectively saturates the surface and can dwell on the paint for 15 minutes or more without drying out.


Bad Boys Exterior Cleaning Set