Pre- Wax Cleaner is dedicated to cleaning painted surfaces. Recommended for use before caramic wax to degrease the varnish. It removes residue from polishing pastes and waxes, as well as adhesive residue and other contaminants. It evaporates quickly and does not leave streaks.



  • before first use, test the product in an less visible place;
  • protect your skin during application;the product may be irritant to skin;use protective gloves/clothing/eye protection/face protection;
  • store in a cool, dry place at 5 – 25 °C;
  • do not expose to freezing, overheating or UV radiation;
  • do not leave to dry out;
  • make sure that the surface to be cleaned is cool, do not apply in direct sunlight and when exposed to wind;
  • keep out of reach of children;
  • flammable product;
  • product for professional use.

BAD BOYS Pre-wax cleaner 500ml

    • shake the bottle well before use;
    • spray a small amount of product on the surface from approximately 15 cm or spray into a microfiber;
    • thoroughly wipe the sprayed surface with a clean microfibre cloth;
    • repeat these steps if necessary.