The RR Customs polishing pads are designed for professional paint corrections. The design and high-quality components used in its production allow to hold product and distribute it evenly over the surface of the pad, delivering a superior even finish that is hard to achieve with any other pad. The unique construction of the pads makes them extremely easy to manoeuvre while distributing the product evenly on the surface. The pads are available in six hardness levels.


Classic Pads are designed for use with Rotary Polishers and will rid of very minor surface defects and restore a high gloss, swirl free finish. 


The red RRC polishing pad is designed for fast finishing of hard lacquer paints with FINISH polishing compounds. The designed of the foam keeps the polishing compound on the surface of the pad, allowing for total coverage and maximum use of the paste. 


Application: finishing compounds. 

Classic Red Medium-Soft Finishing Pad

  • 80mm Finishing Pad

    135mm Finishing Pad

    150mm Finishing Pad


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