Fine leather interiors are susceptible to every day wear and tear, spills and staining, as well as UV degradation.

This kit contains all the products you need to keep your leather in perfect condition.

Leather Cleaner will clean it, Leather Conditioner moisturises and protects it from UV, as well as dye transference from clothing.



- 200ml of Leather Cleaner Strong

- 150ml of Leather Conditioner
- Soft Brush
- Two microfibre cloths
- pair of gloves

Leather Care Box Strong

  • - For best result apply the leather cleaner with a soft brush

    - Gently rub the surface

    - Depending on how dirty is the surface, rinse the brush with clean water

    - Remove excessive of the product with a wet microfibre cloth

    - Leave the surface to dry or wipe it with a dry, clean microfibre cloth

    - Apply a small amount of Leather Conditioner by using a soft microfibre cloth

    - Apply equally 

    - Leave it to dry

    Enjoy your clean and fresh leather!