This is an ultra-delicate wash mitt made from 100% natural Lambswool.

The fibres hold generous amounts of water and suds, but because they are extremely soft, the mitt glides over the surface of the paint, making a washing very effective and safe.




- Super soft lamb fibre's a mitt

- Less water-absorbing compare to the similar mitt

- Holds a fair amount of wash solution, while keeping low weight in wet

- Long fibres allow good reach into gaps and crevasses without additional tools like brushes

- Great control while washing with good surface coverage

- Easy to rinse and clean




- After use, rinse well under warm tap water to remove as much debris and dirt as possible – do not machine wash!

- Use a dedicated detergent if the mitt is very dirty

- Allow to dry naturally

- For best results brush out before next use

Premium Lambswool Wash Mitt