Chris Carther

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I’ve used upholstery cleaner, APC cleaner and the tar remover. The vehicle concerned was an Ex-Taxi and had filthy (black) headlining and carpets and adhesive residue from the stickers.

I was actually getting quotes to have the headlining/panel linings replaced as they were so awful! I was utterly shocked when I noticed, with minimal work, just how well they were cleaning up!

I’ve never had the pleasure of using such superb products, and honestly, I must say, these are by far the best car cleaning products I’ve ever used!

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Purchased the RRC Wheel Gel and Tyre Cleaner, along with some applicators. XVC also kindly sent me two 150ml samples of the QD and Shampoo. Excellent and fast service.

The products are superb, I couldn't believe the cleaning power of the tyre cleaner and wheel gel, and at such low cost! Shampoo sample didn't disappoint neither; sudsy, slick with excellent cleaning power.

I'll be back again, for sure! Cheers guys

Jayson Macvean

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Xvc car care products are next level. Lucas and mark are very helpful and easy to talk to. I would recommend their business to anyone.

Paul Harris

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Great products and customer service
Highly recommended

Ian Stott

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Using the RR range to transform this parts hauler.
Diluted APC
Plastic conditioner
Wheel cleaner
Upholstery cleaner
Overall very impressed and thanks for the opportunity to try the products.

Adam Blackwell

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I was lucky enough to test out a number of XVC products. Today was the shampoo. First things first the appearance, which was the only thing that let this product down. Pouring the shampoo into the bucket I was surprised by the colour. Such a bright vibrant colour. Mixed it up the the power wash and wow loads and loads of suds, and not just on top of the bucket, nicely mixed into the water. Applying the shampoo to the car gave it a nice a nice emount of lubrication and removed dirt with ease. Suds sat on the car for as long as i needed them to before been rinsed off.

Owen Bishop

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I have been testing some of the product line over the past few weeks and well what can I say. The Tar remover is one of the best that I have used to date just pop a small amount on a cloth and dab leave to sit for a minute and wipe. The shampoo is so sudsy from only a cap of product. The leather cleaner really worked an absolute treat it gets blue jean stains off the white
leather restoring it back to its former state. Doesn't have a horrible strong stent to it or leave any residue after being wiped.